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Don’t just say, “You’re Fired!” Use Letter of Termination Templates


No one wants to get fired by phone - be professional, and use a termination letter.

When it’s time to let an employee go, how do you give him the news? A quiet conference? A Good-Bye luncheon? A pink-slip on his desk? You’re better off providing him with a clear letter outlining the reason for his dismissal.

Dismissal for Cause

Terminating someone for cause: When you’re firing someone because he is chronically under-performing in his position, make sure that you’ve documented his performance issues before you let him go. Issue written warnings, and have him sign the warning each time. Let him know how many warnings he will receive before he is fired.

Layoff Notices

A nice farewell letter, explaining that his position will no longer be funded by the company, is a better way to communicate with an employee when you’re forced to let him go due to budgeting issues.

Whatever the situation, don’t forget to document, document, document!

For sample warnings, and a letter of termination for cause and layoff notices, read Employee Termination Forms.

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Mar 24, 2011

Sample “Articles of Partnership” Document


A Business Handshake isn't Enough

Thinking of creating a partnership? Whatever you do, make sure that you set it up correctly! An official partnership agreement should include information about the share of each partner, the division of profits and losses, and the eventual date of dissolution or renewal. Want to make it look all lawyerly and official without paying a lawyer to draw it up? Use a partnership agreement template! (Getting a lawyer to look it over before you sign is always a good idea, of course.)

From “If you’re planning to create a partnership agreement, it’s best for your business if you get it on paper. Use this free sample template, and save some work!

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Mar 21, 2011

Budgeting Templates for Events & Marketing


Every Penny Counts, so Keep Your Budget Up-to-date!

Pre-made budgeting forms can help you keep your finances in check!


Looking for sample budgets for an upcoming event, or a marketing plan? Check out these free budget templates, from the Microsoft Template Gallery.

“Need to cut spending? Try making a strict budget instead of just spending as costs arise. Use one of these examples to save even more money.”


Mar 21, 2011

Using Templates


Get Organized with Sample Documents

Looking for a simple way to streamline your office? Templates for commonly-used forms, such as expense reports or time cards, or even weekly safety briefings, can make everything move faster at work.

Benefits of Creating Templates

Just imagine: instead of re-creating the wheel every time you need to use a document, you can just pull up the form you need and print it out in a flash. Free templates can save money as well as time.

How Do You Use Templates?

All you have to do is identify the forms you use frequently, create or download a template, and then customize the form to reflect your company’s information. Then, whenever you need the form, just save a new copy with that day’s date, and you’ll have both the updated version and the template for future use.

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Mar 9, 2011