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Download a Free Sample Expense Report


Track your expenses to save money. Image by anshustock

There are many sample expense reports out there, but how do you choose? Try downloading one of these free templates, which allow you, as a small business owner, to create comprehensive reports to detail business and employee expenditures. These sample forms eliminate the need for specialized accounting software, and include a tutorial as well as blank reports for you to fill out.

Simplify Reimbursement with Automated Reports

Reporting and tracking petty cash expenditures is an unavoidable part of doing business, even for the smallest businesses. In order to ensure that all expenditures are legitimate, your accounting department must track funds spent by requiring employees to submit reports to explain all spending. Automating the process improves not only the quality of information received by accounting, but renders the process more painless for employees. This results in a faster processing time, allowing the employee to receive reimbursement for their voucher more easily.

Free Report Templates

The process of downloading this sample expense report template from Microsoft is simple. The template is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007, or any later version. If you’ve got MS Excel on your computer, just download the template and keep track of the location of the saved file. Open the file using Excel, and enter all the necessary information to customize it to your business. The template used to create the sample expense report allows your employees to enter information that changes frequently, but prevents them from changing the basic information template.

For example, a travel expense report template will be organized so that the user can enter information regarding travel expenses such as meals, lodging, and transportation. While the user will be able to enter in details regarding the meal, they will be unable to change the category to something other than meals.

Standardize Business Expense Tracking

Automated reporting for expenses is relatively simple to put into place, and extremely easy to maintain. The sample expense template provided by Microsoft allows businesses to standardize all information received, streamlining the reimbursement process for both employees and the accounting department, especially when reporting business expenses online. Samples of reporting forms also reduce the usage of the designation of “petty cash” for business costs.

Reducing Business Expenses with Free Templates

The process of reporting business-related expenses, and applying for reimbursement, doesn’t have to be a complicated one. With a free template, you can put a standardized process in place for all employees, and you can even keep track of spending patterns to reduce future costs. In business, a little more organization is always a good thing.

Oct 9, 2012

Save Money with Free Printable Timesheets


Save your timesheets in a binder for continuity

Tired of shelling out cash for timecards that are just going to end up in a bundle in your storage closet? Why not print off some timesheet templates instead?

Free Timekeeping Templates

Print off several timesheets on a single page, and print your pages double-sided to save even more paper. Have your employees track one week on the first side, and the next week on the second side. Just update the hours in your pay journal or bookkeeping program on Friday, and return the sheet to your employee on Monday. Ready to get started? Here’s more info and a free timesheet template.

Mar 29, 2011

Budgeting Templates for Events & Marketing


Every Penny Counts, so Keep Your Budget Up-to-date!

Pre-made budgeting forms can help you keep your finances in check!


Looking for sample budgets for an upcoming event, or a marketing plan? Check out these free budget templates, from the Microsoft Template Gallery.

“Need to cut spending? Try making a strict budget instead of just spending as costs arise. Use one of these examples to save even more money.”


Mar 21, 2011