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Writing an Executive Summary

Posted by VNicks on April 7, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Write a Stellar Executive Summary to Close the Deal

If you’re done with the rest of your business plan, but stuck on the executive summary, you’re not alone. Writing your executive summary can be the most challenging part of the entire plan, but don’t worry – these tips will save the day.


Executive Summary Tips

Follow these simple tips while you’re writing the summary of your business plan.

  • Remember the purpose of the summary: to get the attention of the decision-makers, and impress them enough to want to finance your venture.
  • Don’t be humble: brag about your qualifications. The bank needs to know why you’re the best person to open a new business.
  • Write a summary outline before you start. It’s easier to fill-in-the-blanks than to just sit down and try to write it all out from scratch.
  • Keep your business plan handy, and refer back to the facts and figures often.
  • Stay focused: your summary should basically be a condensed version of the business plan, so don’t go off on a tangent.

Whether you use a business plan template or write it off-the-cuff, make sure your executive summary is professional, attention-grabbing and clear.


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