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Business Backups: Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage

Posted by VNicks on April 4, 2011 at 9:35 pm

Should you choose backup media or cloud storage?

If you don’t want your business to crash and burn in the event of a disaster, you need to create a backup plan. You’ve probably heard a lot about “cloud storage” but should you trust your entire company’s financial records to the Internet?

What is the Cloud?

When people talk about the cloud, they’re just referring to the Internet. When you store information on the Internet, it’s not actually floating around in a cloud – it’s actually stored on someone’s servers. Most companies that provide cloud storage services offer robust security, to prevent hacking, and redundancy, to prevent data loss due to equipment loss at the storage facility. On the other hand, you never know… A sophisticated virus or a catastrophic power failure could result in the complete loss of your data.

Better Safe Than Sorry:

When choosing a method of backup, why not try both? An automatic online backup is a great way to keep your data safe, but augment it with monthly local backups, stored in an offsite location, and your data is irrevocably safe.

Need to choose between a paid Internet backup service and a free cloud backup? Don’t forget to do your research!

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